The International Energy Code 2012 prescriptive path mandates many items that not every building owner and/or architect will necessarily want as a feature in their building. One example is found in section C402.3.2 which requires an enclosed space greater than 10,000 sq.ft., directly under roof, with ceiling heights greater than 15 feet, to have skylights. This will only get more stringent in codes to come.


There are ways around a lot of these prescriptive path requirements. We have helped many of our clients meet the energy code standards without following the prescriptive path and in many cases have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. By providing us your building plans for review, we can derive a cost-effective way for your building to eliminate the skylight requirement.


We can help with any energy related issues including HVAC Loads reports, LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 (EAc1) simulations, or COMcheck reports to prove your building project is energy code compliant.

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