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       These prescriptive sub-sections of Code could be avoided:


Under C402 Envelope:

C402.2 - Insulation Requirements (Prescriptive)

C402.3 - Fenestration (skylights required per 402.3.2) (Prescriptive)


Under C403 Mechanical:           

C403.3 - Simple HVAC Systems and Equipment (Prescriptive)

C403.4 - Complex HVAC Systems and Equipment (Prescriptive)


Under C405 Lighting:

C405.5 - Interior Lighting Power Requirements (Prescriptive)


C406 - Additional Efficiency Package Option - (Must Pick One) (Prescriptive):

   1. C406.2 - Efficient HVAC Performance

   2. C406.3 - Efficient Lighting Systems

   3. C406.4 - On-site Renewable Energy



      By doing:


C407 - Total Building Performance:

     (Cost Budget Analysis proving the building energy cost will be equal to or less than 85%

      of the standard reference design building)


And following the Key Provisions:

C407.2 - Mandatory Requirements - 

     Requires that the criteria of sections C402.4,  C403.2, C404, and C405 be met.

C407.3 - Performance Based Compliance

C407.4 - Documentation

C407.5 - Calculation Procedure

C407.6 - Calculation Software Tools


Source: International Energy Code 2012





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